My ex-wife is in this forum and all of her family members are also in Amway, i was married to her about 4 yrs back, and divorced 2 yrs back.

While she was with me, she made me a distributor of Amway, after my divorce i did not bothered much about this forum, but recently i noticed advertisement of Amway on TV, where they claim “We Care”.

I had never used any of Amway products personally, because i was indifferent to this, when i was with my ex, but recently i found some of amway products in my house while i was searching for something (i had become somewhat careless after my divorce and did not scanned some corners of my home like store room etc..) i found this Amway liquid used for cleaning floor and i used it.

It seems good, my question is:-

Process of Amway recruitment is totally based on mind control, my ex-wife was a devotee of her up-line, and i feel one of the many reasons for our divorce is her up-line interference in our daily life and her comments about bad relationship.

What about Amway products??? even though i have suffered maximum possible loss due to mind control and brainwashing by these cults, but if i remove my emotionalism, are Amway products bad as well ? how are they different from normal products which we use and can get easily at any grocery store nearby, Amway products by virtue of being not available in open market, give a sense of exclusiveness as well.

Can anyone here comment on Amway products… if they are bad.. how ?