That I have to look at

but at first glance I would say no. I know cable is under contract, and I really don’t want to lose that….I’ve got to run the figures on a few things and see where I am at….just been too danged crazy… car bit the dust last week….UGHHHH so been fighting getting another one, when you live in the boonies, and hubby works over an hour away from home, you must have 2 vehicles and unsecured personal loans…. it costs us too much in gas to run his truck that much. Got the car situation covered, now I just have to run the numbers and get serious about a few things….

Thanks for your input, I just gotta put everything down on paper and get it figured out.

Many girls at my school paid their own way

There were even jobs at the school to work off tuition. many girls stayed, swept, mopped, cleaned boards, etc. This freed the janitors up for major stuff. My high school boyfriend, whose parents were picking up his tuition, tweaked our going Dutch arrangement when it came out how much more discretionary income he had than me!