Wow Mick – you encouraged me to do some googling today & I’m deeply disturbed

The delusions that most of these people seem to be working under are amazing. When I dug a little deeper, it was almost pretty scary to see some of the side businesses that pretty much advertise themselves as “true pyramids” by claiming success through mathmatical models – code for pyramid selling.

I always have to assume the best from people & that maybe Carrie was someone looking for real advice. Seeing that she’s been in several MLMs & posting on those types of blogs for at least a year – then coming here & asking her question, well, I find that to be very disheartening.

And what is even worse is thinking about all of those “stay-at-home” moms that are sucked into this, spending more time trying to rope in friends and family than being with their children. Really brings out the lie in “having more time for my kids” arguments.

By the time they realize they won’t be getting that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, they’ve missed everything that was important to them – watching their children grow up.