My son has NOT gotten a Quixtar order

since around the end of June or beginning of July, yet he has still been attending his weekly meeting and attended the conference in NC this weekend. He still seems to go out recruiting, but has less time to do so since he is has gone from working two nights to four nights a week at his part-time job. He also has a full time job so it’s not that he doesn’t have money to order stuff. It just seems so strange to me because he usually orders cases and cases of the energy drinks, vitamin water, etc. every month and I know he is completely out. What’s up with this?
Also, it’s going on four years since he got involved with Quixtar. His Dad and I are considering having a talk with him as to his income verses expences over those four years and discussing how a good business plan has a time line. We want to encourge him to look into a goverment job that will pay well, have good benefits, and can retire from after 25 years (at any age).
Any feedback and or sugggestions?