Stunned the 3 stooges today

Instead of mailing the payoff on dh’s medical to them and letting them claim they lost it or something similar I hand delivered it and politely asked for a paid in full receipt. The fourth stooge (you know Shep) looked stunned and said she wasn’t certain how to do that. HUH? Then she realized she actually had a receipt book that she could hand write one out with. Cheez! Anyway, we are officially paid off with them, I have the receipt, and soon the canceled check to prove it. If they can’t get it where it belongs that is their problem.
Oh and btw, the doctor still hasn’t called dh with his biopsy results now over a month after it was done. Thank goodness for the online site where we could check them ourselves and get the results 3 short days after the biopsy. Did I mention I have yet to be impressed with this doctor and his business office?