Hi, I have to say first off

I have been receiving these emails and updates to the discussions here for quite some time now.
I have never written or commented before, however this particular topic of cult like behavior in MLM really had me inspired to write my thoughts on it all.

Without going into too much detail, I will say that I was involved with a company which thank God, or the universe or the law of attraction or just the law period…had me leave the organization before real trouble hit the fan.

I found that the owner/founder of this company was doing some very unethical things in my humble opinion. I have been a business owner and in the people industry since I was 19…and I am now 50…(so you can do the math!) lol that’s a long time and a lot of experience in business, business development and in a leadership position.

I never was the “boss” type of person so when I joined this company I was pretty shocked by the “direction” which the company owner would actually take his company, and business partners. Direction, would come in the form or “orders” and threats…abusive language and even verbal personal attacks on people in his organization who did not “take well” to his orders.