Stunned the 3 stooges today

Instead of mailing the payoff on dh’s medical to them and letting them claim they lost it or something similar I hand delivered it and politely asked for a paid in full receipt. The fourth stooge (you know Shep) looked stunned and said she wasn’t certain how to do that. HUH? Then she realized she actually had a receipt book that she could hand write one out with. Cheez! Anyway, we are officially paid off with them, I have the receipt, and soon the canceled check to prove it. If they can’t get it where it belongs that is their problem.
Oh and btw, the doctor still hasn’t called dh with his biopsy results now over a month after it was done. Thank goodness for the online site where we could check them ourselves and get the results 3 short days after the biopsy. Did I mention I have yet to be impressed with this doctor and his business office?


a) Maybe he has come to his senses, and decided not to order the stuff for personal consumption;

b) Maybe he doesn’t have any cash, or credit, to purchase the stuff;

c) He might be in one of the “Amway motivational organizations” that left Quixstar, and is looking for another racket to get involved in;

The worst discrimination I’ve ever encountered, was when I was applied for a government job. (The only reason I didn’t file a winnable lawsuit against that government agency, was due to having insufficient money to pay court costs. (Winnable, because the letter they gave me stated that they would not consider me for “reason x”, and “reason x” is an EEOC protected class.))

My son has NOT gotten a Quixtar order

since around the end of June or beginning of July, yet he has still been attending his weekly meeting and attended the conference in NC this weekend. He still seems to go out recruiting, but has less time to do so since he is has gone from working two nights to four nights a week at his part-time job. He also has a full time job so it’s not that he doesn’t have money to order stuff. It just seems so strange to me because he usually orders cases and cases of the energy drinks, vitamin water, etc. every month and I know he is completely out. What’s up with this?
Also, it’s going on four years since he got involved with Quixtar. His Dad and I are considering having a talk with him as to his income verses expences over those four years and discussing how a good business plan has a time line. We want to encourge him to look into a goverment job that will pay well, have good benefits, and can retire from after 25 years (at any age).
Any feedback and or sugggestions?

Carrie, is this true?

Are you the same Carrie Zimmerman as the one in that blog?

If so, why weren’t you totally up front with us?

I notice you say you continue because of the freedom you’re looking forward to. Have you actually seen freedom come your way, or just a lot of work? I’m asking because my business has given me freedom.
While I worked day and night for years, I don’t think I’ve worked more than 15 hours since the start of August and the income is still there.

But I’m not in an MLM. I used my knowledge to figure out how to do it on my own.

Wow Mick – you encouraged me to do some googling today & I’m deeply disturbed

The delusions that most of these people seem to be working under are amazing. When I dug a little deeper, it was almost pretty scary to see some of the side businesses that pretty much advertise themselves as “true pyramids” by claiming success through mathmatical models – code for pyramid selling.

I always have to assume the best from people & that maybe Carrie was someone looking for real advice. Seeing that she’s been in several MLMs & posting on those types of blogs for at least a year – then coming here & asking her question, well, I find that to be very disheartening.

And what is even worse is thinking about all of those “stay-at-home” moms that are sucked into this, spending more time trying to rope in friends and family than being with their children. Really brings out the lie in “having more time for my kids” arguments.

By the time they realize they won’t be getting that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, they’ve missed everything that was important to them – watching their children grow up.

Hi, I have to say first off

I have been receiving these emails and updates to the discussions here for quite some time now.
I have never written or commented before, however this particular topic of cult like behavior in MLM really had me inspired to write my thoughts on it all.

Without going into too much detail, I will say that I was involved with a company which thank God, or the universe or the law of attraction or just the law period…had me leave the organization before real trouble hit the fan.

I found that the owner/founder of this company was doing some very unethical things in my humble opinion. I have been a business owner and in the people industry since I was 19…and I am now 50…(so you can do the math!) lol that’s a long time and a lot of experience in business, business development and in a leadership position.

I never was the “boss” type of person so when I joined this company I was pretty shocked by the “direction” which the company owner would actually take his company, and business partners. Direction, would come in the form or “orders” and threats…abusive language and even verbal personal attacks on people in his organization who did not “take well” to his orders.

My first response to my own response as well:

A typical MLM’er will claim that any direct selling should be considered an MLM – which is a straw-man argument & standard operating procedure for them. They say this, along with the false Donald Trump quote, throw out Warren Buffet being pro-MLM, and of course, the “partnerships” they have with Microsoft, Google, etc – which are nothing more than they fact that they might use PCs at the home office or are listed on a vendor website (which is usually free & not any sort of contractual relationship at all).
The more they have to argue they are a legitimate business, the more they lose any sort of credibility.